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Emergency Lighting Batteries

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Introducing our range of ELT Emergency Lighting Batteries utilised in the event of mains voltage failure. Emergency lighting systems supply stand-by light for safety lighting (escape routes, hazardous workplaces) and for areas in which normal activities must be continued. Lighting control gear is therefore of paramount importance in maintaining these systems and by default emergency lighting batteries.

We supply many different batteries for use as replacements and spares, as well as for bespoke systems. The main types of battery are Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) and Nickel metal hydride types Ni-MH). Both battery types can provide excellent service for this application and have similar technical parameters these being: operating temperature range (0°C-50°C), a 3 hour minimum operating time, standardised dimensions suitable for most applications and being matched to specific types of control gear (Inverter / Module). You can identify the battery required from the number on an existing battery if a replacement, or alternatively, by Voltage and AH.