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Energy Saving 15 Watt Spiral Light Bulbs (75 Watt Alternative)

Our energy saving 15 watt spiral light bulbs use up to 80% less energy than traditional 80 watt alternatives. This, coupled with the incredible 10,000 hour lamp life achieved by the energy saving 15 watt spiral light bulbs, makes them a great option for saving money on your lighting solutions. Any existing lighting fixture that uses a BC, ES, SBC or SES cap can be replaced with an energy efficient alternative with ease.

At BLT Direct we pride ourselves on offering a substantial selection of energy efficient lighting solutions, and the 15 watt spiral light bulb is available in both daylight and very warm white lighting temperatures. Save money without sacrificing the quality of light of your existing 75 watt light bulbs with the energy saving 15 watt spiral light bulbs from BLT Direct.