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Energy Saving 55 Watt Spiral Light Bulbs (Equivalent To 250 Watt)

The crisp, bright light of a standard 250 wattage light bulb can be produced at a lower cost with the energy saving 55 watt spiral light bulbs from BLT Direct. Available in either very warm white or daylight options, the energy saving 55 watt spiral light bulb is an eco-friendly substitute for a 250 watt glow. This low cost lighting solution has been designed to offer a direct alternative to existing 250 watt standard light bulbs, with both BC and ES cap options available to choose from.

Our energy saving 55 watt spiral light bulb is efficient in both its running cost and its energy consumption, using up to 80% less than traditional styles. With a lamp life of a notable 10,000 hours, these eco-friendly alternative make an excellent lighting source for many household and industrial applications.