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Energy Saving Golfball Light Bulbs

With a host of shapes and styles to choose from making the switch to energy saving light bulbs is as simple as simply taking out the old and fitting the new. The vast majority of our energy saving lamps are direct retrofit replacements for a standard incandescent lamps, including this range of Energy Saving Golfball light bulbs. These low energy lamps, sometimes referred to as Ping Pong light bulbs, consume just 5 watts to 11 watts of power which is the equivalent of a regular 30w to 60 watt light output.

 Saving 80% in energy consumption they also boast an impressive 8,000 to 15,000 hour lamp life.

We stock these lamps in a choice of cap/base types; Bayonet Cap, Small Bayonet Cap, Edison Screw and Small Edison Screw, with each lamp featuring a Warm White colour temperature. These lamps feature an opal finish that emits a soft diffused light which is ideal for general purpose welcoming illumination in a host of domestic and hospitality applications. This is a high performance, reliable light bulb that will fit anyway there is a standard conventional lamp.

The Energy Saving Golfball Light Bulb is great retrofit replacement for a conventional lamp saving 80% in energy usage and lasting up to 15,000 hours.