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Energy Saving Halogen Golfball Light Bulbs

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These spherical Energy Saving Halogen Golfball lamps are the perfect choice if you want sparkling pure white halogen light emitting from your decorative light fittings. These lamps offer improvements on standard halogen lamps in that they use 30% less electricity thereby saving money. Not only that, these great little lamps are a direct retrofit for both halogen and incandescent light sources with their Bayonet Cap, Small Bayonet Cap, Edison Screw and Small Edison Screw bases.

The lamp life of this bulb is 2,000 hours, twice that of an incandescent. Although not as energy efficient as and LED Golfball lamp these lamps do offer more energy saving advantages than a conventional light source.

Most importantly of all is the excellent colour rendition that halogen lighting offers, together with constant lumen maintenance throughout the entire life of the lamp. The energy saving halogen is rated at 18w, 28w or 42 watts, the equivalent of 25w, 40w and 60 watt standard halogen output. This Golfball is a replica of the old style incandescent and will look perfect in chandeliers, wall sconces and pendant light applications.