Energy Saving Halogen GU10 Light Bulbs

Energy Saving halogen GU10 light bulbs give off the same pure glow as a conventional halogen GU10 light bulb, but with 30% less energy usage. The white beam from these bulbs make them the perfect solution for many spotlight applications, used to brighten up home, retail and hospitality environments clearly. By switching to energy saving halogen GU10 light bulbs, the same radiant light can be enjoyed using a lot less energy for a cost effective practical spot-light solution.

Energy Saving Halogen GU10 Light Bulbs Continued

As well as providing crisp lighting at a low cost, energy saving halogen GU10 light bulbs use instant start technology. They are also dimmable, offering users the option to turn the lights up to their full, bright capacity or to lower them down for a more atmospheric glow. These bulbs are a great way to upgrade your conventional halogen GU10 light bulbs for a cheaper option, offering an alternative to LED lighting.