Energy Saving Halogen Twisted Candle Light Bulbs

Crisp sparkling bright white halogen light, emitting from an aesthetically pleasing candle lamp, that saves 30% on energy usage compared to a standard halogen bulb, what is there not to like? The Energy Saving Twisted Candle Halogen Lamp is a direct replacement for an incandescent or standard halogen candle bulb with a BC, SBC, ES or SES base. Rated at 28w or 42 watts the output of this energy efficient lamp is the equivalent of a 40w or 60 watt conventional halogen.

Energy Saving Halogen Twisted Candle Light Bulbs Continued

This light source is famed for its superior colour rendition and consistent luminosity that lasts the entire life of the lamp. These beautiful light bulbs with will look stylish and elegant adorning any chandelier or pendant light and although not as energy efficient as an LED light source, still last 2,000 hours, twice that of an incandescent bulb. The beauty of the halogen light source is the natural and extremely 'colour accurate' light it emits. Add this to the exceptional value for money and you have a great lighting solution for decorative applications.