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Energy Saving Mini Candle BC Light Bulbs

Standard mini candle lamps with a bayonet cap can be easily replaced with energy saving mini candle light bulbs from BLT Direct, made with the same BC base. Using our selection of energy saving mini candle light bulbs can cut the cost of your bills, consuming far less energy than its traditional counterparts. Available in a range of 30 watt, 40 watt, 50 watt and 60 watt options, we offer a versatile range of eco-friendly mini candle bulbs to update any existing light fixtures with energy efficient lighting solutions.

When switching your standard mini candle bulbs with a bayonet cap to our energy saving mini candle light bulbs, a 70% reduction in heat output, 80% less energy consumption and 90% less UV output will be achieved, all with an impressive 8,000 hour life span. Save money in a multitude of ways with our large range of mini candle light bulbs, using energy saving technology whilst keeping an iconic and decorative design.