Everbright Solar Fairy Lights

A range of Solar Fairy Lights and attachments that is the perfect solution for illuminating trees, shrubs, pergolas and doorways - the list is endless! No mains wiring, simple no fuss installation and no running costs add to the magic of these super bright solar fairy lights.

Everbright Solar Fairy Lights Continued

Solar power combined with LED lighting technology has revolutionised the outdoor decorative lighting market to the point where you have a diverse choice of high quality, reliable products to pick from offering light output to rival that of mains powered LED lamps.

We stock Everbright Solar Fairy Lights in a Blue, White, Warm White and Multi-coloured light strings with 50, 100 or 300 LED lights per string. All our products are fully weather resistant, charging by day and automatically lighting by night (with override on/off switch). These lights can also be charged from an appliance featuring a USB port such as a computer or laptop, or from a main socket via a USB phone charging plug (3 hours USB full charging time). The solar panel to USB adapter is supplied with this kit. So simply position your solar panel and lights and create your own magic.

BLT Direct Highlights The Importance Of Solar Power As The Longer Days Creep In

As the Great British Public enjoy the longer, lighter evenings brought to them with the return of Daylight Saving Time, BLT Direct highlights the importance of utlising solar power technology during this time of seasonal change. The range of solar paneled lighting from the UKs leading lighting suppliers cover a variety of popular external fittings, making to switch to solar power easy for any homeowner this summer.

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Solar Lighting From BLT Direct

Harnessing the power of the sun to power light fittings is no new phenomenon, but in recent years it has become increasingly easy to implement such measures in the domestic environment. With no har...

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