Five Times Smart Lights Are Really Useful

Smart lighting may still be seen as nothing more than a fad. But smart lights are actually incredibly useful. Playing a role in daily life, they provide a number of benefits for those who invest in one, two, or a whole house full. But if you’re still unsure about this somewhat crazy lighting idea, keep reading to find out when smart lights are actually really useful.

When You Go On Holiday

We’ve all been there; wondering whether we put the lights on a timer. Well with smart bulbs, this stress become a thing of the past. As smart lights are controlled over the internet, you can switch your lights on and off via the associated app on a smart device. All you need is an internet connection or WIFI, and a bit of knowledge about the app itself. It really is that easy.

When You Fancy A Change

Smart lights remove the need for coloured lightbulbs, so it really is a case of one bulb doing it all. Fancy swapping your plain white light for a sultrier red or a jazzy green? Just press a few buttons and you can do just that. Although this may seem unnecessary, once you’ve switched to smart bulbs, you won’t go back.

When You Want To Be The Master Of The Internet Of Things

Advanced smart bulbs can be configured to interface with music and alarm systems all around the property, while others have been built with a range of different IoT services and devices. Carrying out certain actions based on events, some are able to change the colour of the smart bulb when it’s raining outside and set the lights to flash when a social media alert is received.

When You Want To Set The Mood

Yes you can invest in a dimmer switch, but what’s the point of going to all that effort when you can simply buy a different light bulb? Dimming is one of the basic features of smart bulbs – removing the need for dimmer swtiches. Whether it be in an entertaining space or the bedroom, all you need is a dimmable smart bulb, and you can play around to your heart’s content.

When You Need A Better Night’s Sleep

With research suggesting more than half of the UK’s population doesn’t get enough quality sleep, this one could be a game-changer. Some smart lightbulbs emit several colour temperatures that are designed to help regulate natural melatonin production in the body. Working by helping suppress human melatonin levels during the day and increase melatonin as you near bedtime, they have proven to help people drift off – and stay fast on.

Have you invested in a smart lightbulb? Let us know what benefits you have reaped!

Written by Steve Ellwood on 24 Aug 2017


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

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