Fluorescent T12 Blacklight Tubes (Insect-O-cutor) Tubes

A range of T12 (38mm Diameter) Fluorescent Blacklight Insect-O-cutor Tubes which have 2 pins at each end.These Fluorescent Tubes are predominantly used for Insect Trap and Fly Killer/Zapper Units(Insect-O-cutor Units). Other applications include Industrial Processes and Special Effects.These have an average life of approximately 10000Hours making them Energy Efficient.

Fluorescent T12 Blacklight (Insect-O-cutor) Tubes Continued

Blacklight Lamps differ from Standard Fluorescent Lamps only in the composition of the phosphur, which radiates most of its energy in the near Ultra-Violet region (peaking at about 350 nanometers).

Colour temperature; 350 (Blacklight).
Wattages; 20w, 22w, 40w, 115w and 140 watt.
Cap; G13 double Ended.