Fluorescent T5 Germicidal Tubes

A range of T5 Germicidal Fluorescent Tubes which have 2 pins at each end. TheseFluorescent Tubesare used for the Sterilisation of air gases, liquids and surfaces of solids, and have a UV output of 253.7nm producing suitable radiation which is most effective at inhibiting bacteria and moulds.These have an average life of approximately 10000 Hours making them Energy Efficient.

Fluorescent T5 Germicidal Tubes Continued

Colour temperature; Germicidal Clear.
Wattages; 4w, 6w, 8w, 15w, 21w and 36 watt.
Cap; G5 Double Ended.

WARNING: These germicidal fluorescent tubes give off UVC radiation that is harmful to the human eye. They should only be used in the appropriate sealed unit for water or air purification.