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Fluorescent T8 Germicidal Tubes

A range of T8 (25mm Diameter) Germicidal Fluorescent Tubes which have 2 pins at each end. These Linear Lamps are used for the Sterilisation of air gases, liquids and surfaces of solids, and have a UV output of 253.7nm producing suitable radiation which is most effective at inhibiting bacteria and moulds. They have an average life of approximately 10000 Hours making them Energy Efficient.

Colour temperature; Germicidal Clear.
Wattages; 25w, 30w, 55w, 58w 75 watt.
Cap; G13 Double Ended

WARNING: These germicidal fluorescent tubes give off UVC radiation that is harmful to the human eye. They should only be used in the appropriate sealed unit for water or air purification.