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6000 Kelvin Fluorescent Tubes


Listed below is our range of replacement Fluorescent Tubes with a 6000K colour temperature, including a T8 (25mm diameter) Daylight lamp rated at 18 Watts. Daylight light sources are proven to reduce eyestrain and fatigue and improve concentration and are often found in museums and art galleries, schools and retail outlets, and graphic design studios. The lamp life of these energy saving lamps is up to 20,000 hours.

Colour temperatures include warm to cool white, through to blacklight blue, ultra-violet and even American daylight. We supply germicidal, aquarium, multiphosphor, photographic and industrial processing lamps.

Most people think of general illumination in schools, factories and offices when asked where fluorescent tubes are fitted; this is far from the case. So if you are seeking a replacement fluorescent tube, however standard or unusual we will be able to supply it for you. The fluorescent light source is not only incredibly versatile but energy efficient too.  Operational costs are up to two thirds less than for standard lamps, whilst providing the same brightness, whilst the lamp life of a fluorescent ranges between 8,000 and 20,000 hours depending on the lamp.