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GE/Tungsram Fluorescent Tubes

Introducing the GE Lighting family of Fluorescent Tubes that offers superior quality of light, excellent colour rendering, energy efficiency and a long life, all contributing to low maintenance. GE Lighting offers a wide selection of T5 linear fluorescent lamps, ranging from Circular to the latest models of Watt-Miser™ branded light sources consuming up to 5% less energy than other T5 similar types found on the market.

Furthermore the lamp life of these lamps extends to 30,000 hours for the Watt Miser, 36,000 hours for the Long Last tubes and 12,000 hours for the Circline.

We have detailed specific lamp types in their own categories but overall wattages range from 14W to 80 Watt and colour temperatures include Warm to Cool White and Daylight across each type of tube detailed here. Installing a GE Fluorescent T5 as a re-lamp for existing fixtures saves energy, money and aids the environment; this range meets the RoHS requirements low mercury levels. The T5 Fluorescent is suitable for a host of applications from retail to commercial, residential to industrial and high bay. For a high efficiency and high output lamp look no further than the GE range of Fluorescent Tubes.