GE Watt-Miser T5 Fluorescent Tubes

Introducing the new T5 Watt-Miser Linear Fluorescent Tube range from GE Lighting; all triphospor 16mm diameter lamps with high lumen output and colour rendering. Offering significant energy savings versus standard T5 tubes these lamps consume 5% less energy without compromising lumen output and have an excellent 30,000 hour lamp life. The Watt Miser T5 lamps are a direct retrofit for existing standard T5 lamps, so you can improve your energy efficiency even sooner.

GE Watt-Miser T5 Fluorescent Tubes Continued

The range includes 4 lengths, Warm and Cool White colour temperatures and 10 wattages. T5 Watt-Miser™ lamps are recommended for general indoor applications, such as retail, office, schools, commercial and industrial.