Sylvania LYNX-S Germicidal Compact Fluorescent

A range of Sylvania Lynx-S Germicidal Compact Fluorescent Lamps. These Germicidal lamps have a UV output of 253.7nm which produces Suitable Radiation that is most effective at Inhibiting Bacteria and Moulds, eg: Sterilisation of Air Gases, Liquids and Surfaces of Solids.

Sylvania LYNX-S Germicidal Compact Fluorescent Continued

Colour temperature; Germicidal Clear.
Wattages; 5w, 9w, 11w,18w, 36w and 55 watt.
Caps; 2G11 (4 pin) and G23 (2 pins around a square base).
Diameters; 27mm and 38mm.                

WARNING: These Germicidal Fluorescent Tubes give off UVC Radiation that is harmful to the human eye. They should only be used in an appropriate sealed unit for water or air purification.