GLS Shape Squirrel Cage Light Bulbs

At BLT Direct we stock a wide range of vintage style lighting solutions, including these GLS squirrel cage light bulbs. These decorative lamps are designed to inject any room with a vintage feel, mimicking the style of the Edison light bulbs that were used throughout 1930’s Britain.

GLS Shape Squirrel Cage Light Bulbs Continued

The beautiful squirrel cage filament design is combined with the classic GLS light bulb shape to create a truly stunning domestic or commercial light bulb.

Our GLS shape squirrel cage light bulbs are available in 50 and 40 Watt options, in an ES or BC base type and in clear and amber colour varieties. This range of vintage style light bulbs is perfect for a wide range of decorative lighting applications including in hotels, bars, restaurants, retail or at home.