Standard Shape (GLS) Shaped Covers

If you are missing the traditional GLS Classic Shape Light Bulb, the consider using the Halogen Bell G9 Adaptor to convert your fitting to an energy saving halogen alternative. Then all you need is to screw on a GLS shaped cover to the fitting and you have created a cost effective longer lasting alternative that mimics the favoured GLS light bulb. As covers are sold separately from the G09 Adaptor it is simple to choose your cover according to the effect you wish to create.

GLS Shaped Covers Continued

Not only do we sell the GLS Classic Shape cover, but candle, flame tipped candle and golfball too.

The GLS cover measures 60mm in diameter and 85mm in length and is available as a clear or softone (opal finish) lamp. At the end of life simply unscrew the cover and replace the G9 capsule bulb. The benefits of halogen lighting versus incandescent include a 20% reduction in energy usage and an extended lamp life of 2000 hours, twice that of a conventional bulb. Furthermore the crisp bright light of the halogen lamp is far superior to that of the incandescent offering improved colour rendition and lumen maintenance.