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Ground Lights IP68 (60mm Dia)

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A range of 60mm (Diameter) Ground Lights IP68 Rated. These mid size ground lights are inexpensive to run and with up to 100000 hours of LED lighting, and cool glass for added safety, will look greta for years to come. Applications for LED ground lights are many and varied; tree/plant/statue illumination, pathways, markers, lobbys, decking, water features, ponds, swimming pools, spa baths, dance floors, stage lighting, driveways, walkways and entrances to name but a few.

 LED Ground Lights are available in spot and flood light versions and are manufactured in robust stainless steel or brass depending on the product.

Colour temperatures; White, Blue, Red, Green, and Amber. 
Wattage; 1 watt. 
Styles; Round, Square and Square Slot. 
Finishes; Silver and Antique.