Halogen Dichroic GZ10 Light Bulbs

The GZ10 Halogen Light Bulb is basically a GU10 Halogen lamp apart from the cap/base; the GZ10 cap has 2 pegs with square edges rather than round. Obviously it would be rather annoying to buy the incorrect lamp so always check before buying that you have the GZ10 you require! The GZ10 halogen lamp is a high intensity light source emitting a bright sparkling natural light far superior to that of an incandescent bulb.

Halogen Dichroic GZ10 Light Bulbs Continued

This lamp has a diameter of 50mm and comes rated at 50W or 75 Watt. Running off mains voltage it is simple to install or replace and lasts an impressive 3000 hours, three times that of an incandescent bulb.

The halogen reflector/spotlight lamp is a hugely popular light source that offers excellent colour rendition, ultra-bright crisp white light and constant luminosity throughout the life of the lamp. The GZ10 halogen is a high performance lamp suitable for general illumination, accent and display lighting, spot lighting, decorative and atmospheric lighting in a host of environments. In restaurants, hotels, shops, offices, corridors and bathrooms you may well find this halogen bulb.