Halogen Dichroic Hexagonal (50mm Dia) Light Bulbs

The Halogen Reflector/Spotlight is an extremely popular light source that can be found in homes, shops and businesses up and down the country. For a twist on this reliable high intensity lamp we are offering the Hexagonal Halogen Dichroic Lamp.

Halogen Dichroic Hexagonal (50mm Dia) Light Bulbs Continued

This lamp is a Low Voltage bulb running at 12 Volts with and MR16/GU5.3 cap. Halogen GU5.3 lamps are a high intensity light source emitting a bright sparkling natural light far superior to that of an incandescent bulb, and offering a lamp life of up to 3,000 hours (3 times that of an incandescent).

This hexagonal halogen bulb measures 50mm in diameter and is rated at 50 Watts. This is a very affordable light source is perfectly suited to decorative accent, directional and display lighting in a host of domestic, retail and commercial applications. From kitchen lighting to museum and gallery lighting, restaurant lighting to bathrooms this lamp will not let you down.