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Halogen Dichroic MR16 (50mm Dia) Open Fronted Light Bulbs

MR16 Halogen Lamps are an ever popular lighting solution for accent and directional lighting solutions. 99% of MR16 light bulbs have a closed front to the lamp. The other 1% is what this selection is about. The Open Fronted Halogen MR16 Lamp has no lens on the front of the bulb so the filament is exposed. Hence, these lamps MUST be used in closed luminaire ONLY, not only to protect the bulb from dust and contamination, but in the very rare event of the lamp breaking and shattering.

The open fronted halogen MR16 is a good source that offers a crisp bright halogen light, far brighter than that of an incandescent bulb and a lamp life twice as long at 2000 hours. Open fronted MR16s are most commonly found in downlighters and spotlights in domestic applications. This lamp emits a Warm White 2700k colour temperature and is rated at 20w, 35w or 50 watts.