Halogen Dichroic MR8 35 watt

The low voltage Halogen Dichroic MR8 Light Bulb is a dynamic little light source offering all the benefits of halogen lighting at an extremely low price. This selection of lamps is rated at 35 Watts and operate at 12 Volts, in a choice of spot, flood or beam angles. Measuring only 25mm in diameter this compact light source is perfectly designed for decorative, accent and display lighting applications in retail, domestic and commercial environments. It will perform just as well as a directional spotlight in a retail display as in a domestic kitchen.

Halogen Dichroic MR8 35 watt Continued

The halogen light bulb is well known for its ultra-bright light output that offers excellent colour rendition and constant lumen maintenance throughout the life of the lamp. Although not as energy efficient as an LED lamp the halogen MR8 (otherwise known as the GU4) still lasts 2000 hours, twice that of an incandescent and saves 20% on energy consumption. Overall this is an extremely popular lighting solution at an affordable cost.