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1200 Watt Halogen Light Bulbs

A range of ever reliable Halogen Lamps rated at 1200 Watts that includes Double Ended Infra-Red Heating Lamps. These high wattage lamps offer excellent light output lasting an average of 5000 hours, and are primarily used in farm heating, industrial and research applications. We stock unusual Gold, Ruby and Light Ruby infra-red lamps as well as the more common Clear Lamps, all in a choice lengths with an R7s or SK15s cap/base.

We stock a huge range of wattages, voltages, caps and shapes that produce bright light without burning out too quickly. Many of these halogen options will soon be phased out across the EU, so if you want to stock up on these affordable bulbs, now is the time! Browse the complete range here today at BLT Direct, and get in touch with our team if you need any assistance choosing the right halogen light bulb for you.