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Halogen Reflekto Light Bulbs

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For exceptional light output with no back spill in a halogen format, the Reflekto Halogen Lamp is an outstanding choice. These lamps are designed to replace standard halogen dichroic light bulbs, offering exceptional performance and an extended lamp life of 3500 hours. These lamps combine aluminium, high temperature tolerant, coloured coating on the reflector to prevent any back-spill of light and to reduce heat to the back of the lamp.

This is a low voltage (12 volt) light bulb with a GU5.3 base that comes in a choice of 20w, 35w or 50 watt versions. Furthermore you can choose a 24 degree or 36 degree beam angles.

The halogen Reflekto lamp is particularly suitable for enclosed or recessed light fixtures, where a cool beam is not necessary or where backwards light and heat is undesirable. The quality of crisp white halogen light emitted from these lamps is perfect for accent and directional lighting in retail displays, museum and art galleries, restaurants and hospitality applications. Each lamp is also dimmable and features a black, white, silver or clear back for decorative effect, adding to the versatility of this lamp as a light source.