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Helvar High Pressure Sodium Ballasts

Introducing a good product range of Helvar Magnetic ballasts for High Pressure Sodium Lamps rated between 50 watt and 400 watts. These non-dimmable single lamp switch start ballasts offer excellent quality and reliability over a long service life. Each unit is 100% quality checked ensuring only the best performance. Product benefits include a very low magnetic field, low harmonics and low power losses.

This Helvar gear comes with push-in terminals for small 50-125 Watt ballasts and reliable screw terminals in high wattage units. Saving energy compared to standard HID ballasts these products are protected against overheating. This range of gear is available with or without internal thermal protectors. We also stock the new power reduction HPS ballasts rated at 50-150W that offer increased energy efficiency over conventional ballasts.