High Power / Industrial Electric Fly Killer Units

Browse our High Power/Industrial Electric Fly Killers which are available in either a Stainless Steel or polyester finish, and which present you with a safe way to destroy insects. The items in this collection are able to provide coverage from 80m to an impressive 180m and would be suitable for use in a wide range of environments, including large-scale retailers, kitchens and food preparation facilities. Situations which would benefit from the use of an insectocutor unit include bakeries, butchers, factories, garden centers and a host of other scenarios.

High Power / Industrial Electric Fly Killer Units Continued

These lines work by enticing pests towards the device, where they are quickly destroyed. The modern and clean designs of the products means that they will be an unobtrusive addition to your space. Look no further in your search for a reliable, hygienic and high-tech way of destroying unwanted bugs.