How is home lighting used differently in different countries?

Like most things, lighting varies depending on the country that you reside in.
Whether it be to cultural factors, style preferences or the climate, where you live is likely to change the way that you use light and the types of fittings you have in and around your home.

If you fancy taking a style cue from somewhere different, read on to find out how
lighting varies from country to country.

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Japanese Lighting

Known for their progressive and contemporary style, the Japanese are nothing if
not inventive when it comes to lighting solutions for around the home. They are big
fans of any type of wall lighting and you can expect to see fittings that look like
they would be more at home in a modern garden than a living room or bathroom
due to their natural vibe, often made using wooden parts.

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Italian Lighting

Italian décor is characterized by its over the top and glamorous elements, with
homes often decked out with renaissance style art, plush, heavily embroidered
sofas and large cream or while pillars. Naturally, light fittings need to match up to this, and the most common type of fitting that you can expect to see in an Italian home is a large chandelier. Often these will be made of glass and are used as focal points in different rooms in the house. Italians are known for being big on family get togethers and celebrations, and these will often be in the form of a large meal. Because of this, Italian’s will use a large light fitting in their dining rooms.

If you are always hosting dinners at your home, a large light in your dining area is
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Scandinavian Lighting

Scandi-style is a seriously big trend at the moment and if you open up any home
décor magazine you’ll be bombarded with tips on how you can recreate the look in
your own home. Lighting also features, and one of the main elements of this
countries style when it comes to lighting is levels and shape. Hanging lights are big are a key trend is having more than one in the same space hung at varying levels.

If you fancy recreating this look in your home, choose this Suspended Ceiling Light
in different colours for an eclectic feel.

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