HQI-TS 150 watt

A range of 150 Watt HQI-TS Metal Halide Lamps, thatare suitable for a wide variety of applications (depending on the lamp) ; Retail Shop Windows, Interior Lighting Displays, Foyers, Hotels, Restaurants, Exhibition Stands, Offices, Stages, Floodlighting and Monuments, in fittings required to Project Colour onto Objects of Art, Fountains and Gardens and in Aquariums.

Metal Halide HQI-TS 150 Watt Light Bulbs Continued

Colour temperatures; 827 (Very Warm White), 840 (Cool White), 860 (Daylight), Perfect Daylight (Aquatic), Blue, green, Magenta, and Orange.
Caps; R7s/RX7s Double Ended.
Diameter; 23mm.