Huco Ballasts

A comprehensive portfolio of Huco Electronic Control Gear comprising of Dimmable and Non-Dimmable High Frequency Ballasts for Linear and Compact Fluorescent Lamps. We stock ballasts compatible with Single, Twin, Triple and Quad fluorescent lamps in wattages ranging from 13 watt to 80 watts, each an energy-efficient alternative for conventional gear saving 30% in energy consumption and offering a 50,000 hour service life.

Huco Ballasts Continued

Finding the correct Huco ballast is simple; within category below is a detailed list of products with individual specifications to aid you in your choice of gear. Product benefits of Huco ECG include silent, no noise operation, flicker-free preheated start, no stroboscopic effects and constant luminous flux, independent of mains voltage fluctuations.

Additionally, automatic shutdown in the event of lamp failure, over-voltage protection and automatic restart after lamp replacement combine with low power losses. Optimised lamp performance means longer lamp life and longer burning hours, very important in environments where cost and energy-efficiency are paramount. This gear is utilised in offices, hospitals, school, factories, retail outlets, corridors and hotels, as well being suitable for emergency lighting installations. Dimmable HF ballasts feature 1-100% controllable dimming meaning yet another energy saving feature. Functionality, superior performance and maximum reliability are the keynotes of this Huco ballasts range.