Huco T5 Dimmable High Frequency Ballasts

A great product range of extremely reliable and high quality Dimmable High Frequency Ballasts from Huco for the operation of T5 (16mm diameter) Fluorescent Tubes. In Single and Twin Lamp versions this gear smoothly and efficiently optimises the performance of 14 watt to 80 watt fluorescent lamps. With a lifetime of 50,000 hours and a 60% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional ballasts these ballasts really are a great choice.

Huco T5 Dimmable High Frequency Ballasts Continued

Each slim, lightweight unit electronically regulates T5 systems enabling 1-100% dimming capability, flicker-free starting and constant light output. Furthermore this gear offers automatic restart once the lamp has been changed, end of life shut down and high over-voltage protection. Typically these ballasts are used in office, retail and commercial applications with long burning hours and where uninterrupted light is necessary. To this end this gear is also suitable for installation in emergency luminaires.