Huco TCD Dimmable High Frequency Ballasts

Detailed below is the excellent Huco range of Dimmable High Frequency Ballasts for use with TCD 4 Pin Compact Fluorescent Lamps. This gear operates single and twin CFLs rated between 13 watt and 42 Watts. Boasting very compact matchbox sized dimensions these ballasts make the most of fluorescent lamps, extending lamp life, ensuring smooth start and constant light output, irrespective of voltage fluctuations.

Huco TCD Dimmable High Frequency Ballasts Continued

Optimised and precise lamp operation is of paramount importance in applications where continuous light is required, so these units are a great choice for hospital, school, supermarket and commercial applications. In addition they are suitable for installation in emergency luminaires. Offering dimming capability of 1-100% these energy efficient ballasts also feature a long 50,000 hour service life and use 30% less energy than conventional ballasts.