Infra-Red Halogen Patio Heater Lamps

Infra-Red Halogen Patio Heater Lamps vary in length, wattage, voltage and colour so it is always important to check precisely the specific lamp needed when replacement becomes necessary. Aware of the diversity of choice we have dedicated this section to such lamps. Infra-Red halogen patio heater bulbs are rated at 1200W, 1300W, 1400W or 1500 Watt and specific voltages between 120V and 240 Volts.

Infra-Red Halogen Patio Heater Lamps Continued

Each lamp features a double ended R7s/Rx7s cap that is simple to fit. This lamp is also available in a choice of colours including Gold, Ruby, Light Ruby and Infra-Red.

This type infrared halogen heat lamp produces short-wave radiation that results in instantaneous heat, perfect for creating comfort heating zones in outdoor applications. These lamps are extensively used for heating localised outdoor areas such as al fresco dining areas, patios, smoking zones and outside coffee shops. Infrared halogen lamps are a safe and environmentally clean heat source that is energy efficient and very effective. Furthermore the lamp life of these lamps is an impressive 5000 hours to 7500 hours adding to its viability as a heating source.