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JD Halogen E14 Tubular Light Bulbs

For an energy efficient, low cost and high powered replacement for an incandescent E14/SES Small Edison Screw Light Bulb consider the JD Halogen lamp. As a direct replacement for a conventional lamp the JD Halogen bulb will immediately save 20% on energy consumption and last 2000 hours, twice that of the incandescent. Add to this the high performance light output of this halogen light source and you have a reliable, robust and very affordable lamp.

The E14 JD halogen bulb comes in the following wattages; 50w, 60w, 75w, 100w, 150w, 250w and a very powerful 500 watts. Running off mains voltage this popular lamp offers excellent colour rendition, sustained luminosity throughout the life of the lamp and a compact lightweight bulb for the power it produces. The JD halogen bulb is a versatile light source suitable for a plethora of applications, such as display, creative and accent lighting, restaurant and museum lighting, small area floodlighting and even marine and boat applications. This lamp is also fully dimmable, adding to its versatility as a lighting solution.