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JD Halogen SBC Tubular Light Bulbs

For an adaptable, high performance halogen light source it is well worth looking at the JD Halogen Light Bulb. This range of tubular tungsten halogen lamps comes in a choice of wattages, voltages and caps, all offering the crisp white light synonymous with the halogen light bulb. This section is dedicated to the SBC/Ba15d Small Bayonet Cap lamp that is rated at 70w, 75w, 100w, 150w or a very powerful 500 watts. We also offer this lamp in a choice of voltages from 24V to 240 Volts.

As a halogen light source, the SBC JD bulb features excellent colour rendering and constant lumen maintenance that is perfectly suited to display and accent lighting applications and marine and boat lighting. As this great little lamp is also fully dimmable you can use this lamp in restaurant, retail and domestic applications for mood and decorative effect lighting. These are just suggestions as the JD halogen lamp is suitable for a host of applications. Although not as energy efficient as an LED light source this lamp still offers advantages over an incandescent lamp; saving 20% in energy usage and lasting twice as long, at 2000 hours.