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Kosnic 4.5 Watt (31-36W Alternative) GU10 Light Bulbs

This section details the Kosnic LED KPRO range of GU10 Light Bulbs rated at just 4.5 Watts (31-36 Watt equivalents), each a retrofit for a halogen GU10 lamp. This bulb comes as a Dimmable or Non-Dimmable lamp in a choice of Cool White, Warm White or Daylight colour temperatures. The dimmable version is compatible with most dimmer switches, but please check compatibility before use. Or alternatively call sales on 01473 716418.

These GU10s deliver excellent levels of brightness, instant start and flicker free light. Saving 90% in energy usage and lasting 35,000 hours versus the halogen alternative this is an ideal solution for a host of applications.