LED Examples

Use our LED examples to see how much you could save by converting to LED energy saving light bulbs.

Below are examples of different installations that have been converted to energy saving and LED products. Click on an example to see a breakdown of the installation.

Select example dwelling Potential saving
Average Sized Public House £5.395,86
Bungalow £3.435,86
Doctors / Dentist £8.712,88
External Buldings £1.164,89
Fast Food Joint £7.790,52
Flat £618,57
Hotel (42 Rooms) £27.405,99
Large House (Detached) £7.515,32
Medium House (Semi-Detached) £4.533,70
Office £7.507,64
Restaurant / Cafe £5.997,24
Small Hotel (8 Rooms) £5.867,35
Small House (Terrace) £2.590,52
Small Warehouse £6.097,96
Yard / Carpark £2.228,10