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Kosnic LED Candle 1W BC Warm White (5 Watt Alternative)

4 stars, 10 customer reviews
Lumens 60
Kosnic LED Candle 1W BC Warm White (5 Watt Alternative)
Quick Find: 19935
Part No: KSTR01CND/B22-827

4 stars, 10 customer reviews

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Quick Find: 19935
Part No: KSTR01CND/B22-827

22mm Ba22d/BC

Cap/Base Type
Bayonet Cap

Colour Temp
2700 K

CRI Rating
< 80

35 mm


Equivalent Wattage
5 W


90 mm

Light Bulb Type

Light Colour
Warm White (830)

60 lm



Light Bulb

220-240 Volt

1 W

Kosnic LED Candle 1W BC Warm White (5 Watt Alternative) from Kosnic

Model: KSTR01CND/B22-827

Technical Specifications

Light Bulb Type Candle
Technology LED
Wattage 1 W
Manufacturer Kosnic
Light Colour Warm White (830)
Dimming? Non-Dimmable
Equivalent Wattage 5 W
Lumens 60 lm
Colour Temp 2700 K
Diameter 35 mm
Finish Clear
Length 90 mm
Cap/Base Type Bayonet Cap
Type Light Bulb
Manufacturers Average Lamp Life 30000 hrs
Voltage 220-240 Volt
Warranty 2 Years
CRI Rating < 80
Energy Efficiency Rating A
Cap/Base 22mm Ba22d/BC

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For Kosnic LED Candle 1W BC Warm White (5 Watt Alternative)


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LED Candle 1 Watt BC Warm White

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Customer Reviews

for Kosnic LED Candle 1W BC Warm White (5 Watt Alternative)

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4 / 5 submitted by customers

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10 Reviews
submitted by customers



5 / stars

I was told by a MAJOR electrical supplier that these low wattage bulbs were not being made yet. Bought these and bingo, my Victorian cabinet with stained glass doors looks great lit from inside with 2 of these bulbs.

5 / stars

An extremely pretty light bulb when off, and provides a subdued light when on.

5 / stars

Struggled to find a low wattage candle bulb ,but found blt were the only company selling them ,delivery was slow about 10 days ,but very pleased with the light bulbs .

5 / stars

Delivered promptly and works perfectly as a night light as described.

5 / stars

These bulbs are ideal for multi- arm (at least 5) chandeliers as the bulb looks attractive and is not too bright and overpowering. The glass looks good even in period type lamps as the base is mainly glass without the white section found in many candle LED bulbs. They create a good mood light or when watching TV but not for working by. We have also used them as a night light as individual bulbs. Very satisfied with these bulbs and the service from BLT.

5 / stars

Nice warm light compared to the \'day light\' bulb. Very soft warm yellowish light that\'s pleasant in the background. I use these for night lights as they only consume 1w and put out plenty of light for what they are. And if they\'re to bright, you can paint them out like I did on a few as they were too bright.

3 / stars

I was looking for a very low power replacement for four wall-light fittings that only just take a conventional candle bulb. This product is a good match for size and is certainly low power. The light is evenly distributed by the arrangement of LEDs and they have a warm colour. However, it turns out that 10W equivalent is a little too dim even for multiple wall lights. They are, nevertheless, good for the price, but I am on the lookout for something of, say, 2W and with more efficient LEDs.

1 / stars

the shipped bulb is not the one on the picture. I was looking for an all clear bulb without the typical (annoying) lower borders to cover for any driver electronics. this seemed to be the right choice. to my disappointment, the shipped bulb actually has a large white plastic lower border which stands out of the holder. placing the shipped bulb is the rustic iron wall light I use them for, makes the white plastic really stand out and it looks quite ugly... do not buy these bulbs if you are planning to have the bulb itself visible. you will be dissappointed.

2 / stars

I ordered 5 of these for a light fitting in my hall. My selection was based on the one customer review for this product. These bulbs gave a terrible dingy light and are not suitable for the home. BLT kindly advised a suitable alternative bulb and arranged an exchange. LED lights are not cheap and the suitable alternative came to twice the cost of my original order, but my hall light is used a lot and I hope the replacement bulbs will be better and last me for many years.

5 / stars

have these in my chandelier - problem with chandeliers is that they look great but with normal bulbs they are bright enough to see from space and \"normal\" energy saving candles look horrid. These startree bulbs look great and being low watt, you get just the right amount of light with a multi arm chandelier. FAB. Now I\'ve tried them on a small chandelier I can now, with confidence, go and buy the really big one that will look great in my dining room, knowing that I can get bulbs for it that won\'t cost a fortune to run and be too bright.

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