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LED Ground Lights (High Output - 9-18W) IP67 Rated

A range of High Output LED Ground Lights IP67 Rated. These LED ground lights all meet IP67 standards which means that they are "Totally protected against dust" and "Protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m". Collingwood's high quality high output ground lights contain powerful 9w luxeon LED technology, making them perfect for a large scale effect.

The adjustability of the light angle of these fantastic ground lights mean they are great for lighting trees, buildings, statues and driveways.  High Output LED Ground Lights have a built in power supply which means straight to mains simplicity. Together with low power consumption and a long maintance free LED life these LED lightsare cost and energy effiecient.

Colour temperature; White and Blue. 
Wattages; 9w and 18 watt