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LED Reflector 50mm Diameter (PAR16) Light Bulbs

The LED 50mm Diameter Reflector Light Bulb is the smallest LED reflector lamp in our range. Perfect as a directional light source, it is ideally suited to specialist accent lighting and spotlighting applications, such as in art galleries, retail displays, libraries and museums. However it is also just at home in a traditional house.

It is a quality, energy efficient retrofit replacement for the Halogen Hi Spot Par 16 lamp, and offers all the advantages of LED technology. The bulb benefits from extremely low energy consumption and an impressive 30,000 hour lamp life making for an extremely cost-effective light source.

A range of colour temperatures are available, including Daylight 6500K and Warm White 2800K. Rated at 4 Watts (40W equivalent), it also features a 36 degree beam angle.