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LED Reflector 63mm Diameter (PAR20) Light Bulbs

The LED 63mm Diameter Reflector light bulb is an energy-saving replacement for the Halogen Par 20 lamp. A high-powered LED, it is a direct retrofit for a comparable halogen bulb, yet offers energy savings of up to 80%. Rated at 10 Watts (60 Watt equivalent), this high intensity light source is ideal for lighting up small, dark areas. It also boasts an impressive 40,000 hour lamp life, high lumen maintenance and excellent colour rendering.

Featuring a wide beam angle of 130 degrees they come in colour temperatures Very Warm White, Warm White and Daylight, making them perfectly suited to a range of applications, such as the home, retail, hospitality, museums and art galleries.

These bulbs are also free of UV and Infrared radiation, which prevents fading of materials – imperative when being used to accent objects. They are also free from mercury and lead so help when disposing and recycling.