LED Tubular Light Bulbs

Neat, simple clean lines, ultra energy efficient and an immensely long lamp life, this is what the LED Tubular Light Bulb has to offer at a very low price. This lamp is a direct retrofit replacement for an incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lamp but with all the benefits of LED technology. The output of these bulbs is rated at 2.2 Watts that is the equivalent of a 20W conventional bulb, in a Warm White (for a subtle, tranquil light effect) or Daylight (perfect for task lighting) colour temperature.

LED Tubular Light Bulbs Continued

With an ES (Edison Screw) or SES (Small Edison Screw) base these LEDs will simply screw directly into any application where a comparable lamp exists, e.g. in pendant lights, table lamps, desk lights or wall sconces.

These great little lamps last an amazing 30,000 hours, or 8 hours a day for 10 years! Add to that the instant reduction in energy consumption of 80% for simply making the switch and you have an extremely economical light source.