Linear Halogen 117-118mm 24 Volt Light Bulbs

K Type Halogen Linear lamps come in a wide range of wattages, voltages and lengths. This 117-118mm linear lamp operates at 24 Volts and is rated at 200w or 500 watts. K Type Halogen Linear lamps are an exceptional high intensity light source that offers excellent colour rendition and constant luminous maintenance throughout the life of the lamp. Although not as energy efficient as an LED R7S lamp, this halogen bulb still offers many benefits.

Linear Halogen 117-118mm 24 Volt Light Bulbs Continued

It will save 20% in energy usage compared to an incandescent lamp and lasts twice as long at 2000 hours.

This is a small size lamp operating at a low voltage, so it is a more specific light source than the general floodlighting and display lighting applications most K Type halogen lamps are suited to. You will find this light source in vehicle mounted and portable floodlight applications, for example, on building sites, heavy machinery etc. This is a tried and tested light source offering reliability and an excellent light output at an affordable cost.