Linear Halogen 117-118mm 240 Volt Light Bulbs

K Type Halogen Linear Lamps are available in a broad choice of wattages and lengths. This category offers lamps measuring 117-118mm. Each of these linear bulbs, as with all K Type halogens have a double ended R7s/RX7s cap and are simple to install into existing luminaires. The 117-118mm lamp comes in the following wattages; 100w, 150w, 200w, 250w, 300w, 375w, 400w and 500 watts. Halogen light offers excellent colour rendering and constant luminosity for the entire life if the lamp.

Linear Halogen 117-118mm 240 Volt Light Bulbs Continued

Furthermore this halogen light source reduces energy consumption by 20% compared to an incandescent lamp and lasts twice as long, at 2000 hours.

The crisp white light of the R7s Halogen K Type  Linear lamp makes this a versatile lighting solution for external and internal applications where excellent colour rendering and high lumen output are required; such as indoor and outdoor commercial, industrial and retail environments, and for security and floodlighting.