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Linear Halogen 189mm 240 Volt Light Bulbs

These extremely high powered K Type Halogen Linear lamps all measure 189mm in length. Running off mains voltage these 500w, 750w and 1000 watt light sources are 20% more energy efficient than a conventional incandescent bulb and last twice as long, at 2,000 hours. This halogen lamp emits a sharp crisp white light perfectly suited to floodlighting and display lighting applications.

Although not as energy efficient as an LED R7S lamp, this halogen bulb still offers many benefits, Aside from the excellent colour rendering and consistent lumen maintenance this lamp is very affordable and easily available.  Halogen lamps do provide outstanding light quality and in the case of the K type linear lamp it is a tried and tested lighting solution found in a multitude of floodlighting and shop display applications across the UK and beyond. This halogen light bulb is also fully dimmable adding to its versatility as a lighting solution, particularly in museum and retail applications.