Linear Halogen 254mm 240 Volt Light Bulbs

High wattage K Type Linear Lamps are notoriously difficult to source, especially length specific models. However, we keep a stock of such products such as these 254mm Length 240 Volt K Type Halogen lamps. Rated at 1000w and 1500 watts this is a very powerful light source that not only offers instant start technology but is dimmable too. Furthermore this is a particularly robust lamp as it features a triple reinforced filament that is suitable for rough service applications.

Linear Halogen 254mm 240 Volt Light Bulbs Continued

Each 254mm Linear Halogen Lamp has an R7s/RX7s cap on each end and operates on 240 Volt mains electricity. This lamp provides a powerful light source that is perfectly suited to floodlighting, architectural lighting and security lighting applications, e.g. ‘wall washing’ where light is spilt out over a large area for a special effect, or in retail centres for large area displays. The benefits of this type of lighting are the guarantee of excellent colour rendition and constant lumen maintenance. Although not as energy efficient as an LED light source this does offer a very affordable solution that still saves 20% in energy usage compared to an incandescent and lasts twice as long.