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Linear Quartz Halogen Lamps - R7s Clear

Housed in a Clear Glass Linear lamp this Halogen Quartz Infrared light source features an R7s cap at each end of the lamp. Infrared lighting is a highly energy efficient heat and lighting solution used in a diverse range of applications. Clear quartz lamps are the most efficient lamp for transmitting infrared energy, transmitting the full spectrum of visible and infrared radiation, providing clean, instantaneous and precision controlled heat for a number of uses.

Most commonly this lamp is found in the catering industry for warming and maintaining the temperature of food, however it is perfectly well suited to baking, drying, curing, dehydrating applications in industry.

The R7s Halogen Linear Quartz IR bulb operates at mains voltage and is rated at 100w, 200w, 300w, 500w or 1000 watts and comes in lengths ranging from 117mm to 331mm. Furthermore this is a dimmable lamp with an impressive lamp life of 5000 hours. This lamp is an example of a speciality halogen light source that is proven to be a very energy efficient heat source that is compact in size adding to its versatility as a heat and light solution.