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Linear Quartz SK15s Halogen Lamps - Clear

This category focuses on the Clear Infra-Red Linear Halogen Quartz SK15s lamp. These double ended tubular lamps are enveloped with a clear quartz glass that is extremely resistant to hot or cold temperatures, with a higher melting point than standard light bulb glass. This high powered lamp operates off mains voltage and is rated at 1300W, 1500W or 2000 Watts.

The advantages of a using halogen infrared lamp over an incandescent or convection source for heating applications are very noticeable. 90% of the energy consumed by an infrared halogen lamp is turned into heat, which saves energy and reduces costs, and a halogen heat source lasts 5000 hours, that is 5 times that of an incandescent source. This infrared heat source is a truly energy efficient option that is perfect for a host of applications; commercial, industrial and farm heating applications, paint drying, chemical processing, plastic welding, the list is quite surprising.