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Linear Quartz SK15s Halogen Reflector Lamps

This category features a range of Linear Quartz SK15s Halogen Infra-Red Reflector Heat Lamps that operate at 240Vor 380-420 Volts, depending on the product. Quartz lamps are particularly suitable for high temperature applications as quartz glass has a higher melting point than standard glass, whilst the reflector directs infrared radiation in a uniform and concentrated pattern.

Furthermore, 90% of the energy consumed by an infrared halogen lamp is turned into heat, which saves energy and reduces costs. Combined, you have a very effective heat source that is energy efficient and very affordable.

These linear quartz reflector lamps come in a choice of 500W, 1000W or 2000 Watt versions, all with a double ended SK15s cap featuring a horizontal or vertical burning position. This lamp boasts an impressive 7500 hour lamp life, herby minimising lamp replacement costs. Infrared reflector heat lamps can satisfy a number of heating needs including domestic and farm heating, paint drying and curing and chemical processing.